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Packaging Services

Sprint Packaging is wholly-owned by Bidvest Paperplus, and therefore shares in its empowerment initiatives.

Our undisputed success in the packaging market could not been achieved without the strategic selection of partners that add value to our product and service offering. If you would like to know more about any of our partners, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Product Management

Sourcing, buying and developing packaging solutions locally and abroad.

Demand Planning

Real-time sales information provides platform to forecast and plan for industry demand.


Experience negotiation with suppliers for optimal pricing structures.

Packaging Distribution

Utilising an extensive warehousing network and fleet of vehicles to assist suppliers with nationwide stock availability.

Retail Key Accounting

Comprehensive management of key accounts on behalf of manufacturers to ensure retailer is aware of developments in products.

Infield Sales Force

Nationwide infield sales force to ensure management of packaging solutions directly at store level.

Call Centre

Dedicated call centre to assist key account managers and infield sales force to process orders effectively, either by phone or EDI.


Boasting over 32 000 m2 of warehousing space in South Africa across 8 distribution centres ensures immediate supply to clients.


Consolidated convenience through invoicing of stock for multiple manufacturers and ensuring single invoice per drop for client.

Inventory Management

Carry of at least 4 weeks stock at all times.

Logistics Services

Planning, executing and controlling the efficient and cost-effective flow of products.

Sales Analytics

In-depth sales reports and analytics for both retailer and manufacturer.

Packaging Solutions for the Retail Industry

Sprint Packaging provides packaging solutions for all major categories.

Choose Your Packaging Solution

You can now generate new custom catalogues to order or download as PDF. Select products, add them to your wishlist, print your catalogue or order online. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3...


Browse our catalogue, using filters, or searching a specific item code.


Select a product, and your quantity, then click "Add to Catalogue".


Download your custom built catalogue to your computer.

Build A Catalogue

Custom Brand Your Own Packaging

At Sprint Packaging we provide a wide selection of products to be branded according to your store specifications.

Build A Catalogue

Did Your Know?

With warehousing in 8 DCs, carrying at least 4 weeks stock at all times, and sales offices throughout South Africa, Sprint Packaging manufactures and distributes a wide range of printed and plain bags and cartons, and an extensive range of disposable food packaging and related items across the country.

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